FEMAKS TRADE was established in Konya, TURKEY in 2009 and since its establishment it's maintained honest and reliable business. We offer many various products and services. Our company, Femaks Trade, is a fastly growing enterprise and planning to be a leading import and export company of the coming years. Our company is located in Turkey. We mainly export the goods of Turkish manufacturers as well as import and export of other products from many different countries. At the moment, Femaks Trade maintains its import and export business in 8 countries.   

       Every day, millions of buyers and sellers commercially search for business opportunities. The buyers look for reliable suppliers and have worries to attempt to do business. On the other hand, sellers need real buyers to sell or promote their manufactured goods.

       In Femaks Trade's business view, each company, buyer or seller, is unique. Both have rights to keep their business on the way and they do not want to lose money, so they need some ways to contact their suppliers or buyers. That is, they contact us. We offer many various and quality products from the suppliers all over the world. For buyers, we do have two methods. One is that they can directly order from us if we are able to supply their need. You can get the list of the products that we can supply by clicking here. Or, buyers request the goods that they need by sending us an order e-mail. Sellers, wishing to promote their items worldwide can also contact us. We do get their catalogues and company information to contact them in case of any order. So, we help manufacturers sell or promote their products in different markets of the world.

       With our experienced staff, quality principles, pre and post purchase services, logistics, mutual relations and manufacturing companies, we only offer you the best quality products with competitive prices.

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